Vacation Excursions for Every Type of Traveler

Vacation Excursions for Every Type of Traveler

Once you have determined where your next trip is, likely your next set of searches will revolve around what types of activities and attractions you can experience while you are there. Sometimes all it takes is a pretty photograph to spark your imagination and other times you might be craving something beyond the typical options. Regardless of what type of traveler you are if you have an open mind and a willingness to put in some research it should not take long to get you in the mood for adventure. There will always be sites that can direct you towards the traditional and top-rated tourist activities in the area but if you fancy yourself someone who likes to be a little different consider upgrading your itinerary with less obvious choices.

Exotic and Luxury Car Rentals

Transportation is likely a major component of your trip in some fashion. You may have the need for a rental car for the duration of your trip, but setting out on a full-on road trip adventure, or simply have a scenic drive planned for yourself. Consider looking into a luxury or exotic car rental to upgrade your transportation experience. This type of excursion is incredibly unique and offers you an opportunity to get behind the wheel of a car that you might not otherwise ever have a chance to drive or ride in. Jeep Wrangler rentals in locations such as Hawaii are terribly common for this exact reason. Selecting a vehicle that makes sense for your location and purpose can make even something as simple as the commute to and from the airport feel like an intentional activity.

If you are into this idea but are not sure exactly which type of car makes sense for your needs before you pack your bags, you can review an online blog resource that discusses cars. A site like TireKickers is an example of a blog space fully dedicated to the love of all things automobiles. These types of sites can help you easily navigate your choice of which luxury car rental makes sense for your trip. Alternatively, if you already know which type of fancy rental you are going to get, you can visit a site like this to read up on what the experienced enthusiasts have to say about driving one, to pick up some tips or tricks to make your overall experienced enhanced.

History Buffs

Any destination you could pick for your trip is going to have excursions available that center around the history of the location. Seeking out opportunities that are off the beaten path can be worth your while though if you are the type of traveler who is comfortable making plans that are less traditional. You can set yourself up with a guided tour as part of a group or you can do some studying in advance and create your own itinerary to hit all the historical landmarks. New Orleans is a city that has tons of cultural history, both traditional and more obscure.

Some light research will also put you on to the fact New Orleans is a deeply spirited town, spirited as in haunted, according to some locals. Although a-typical this is a big part of the cities story. Think about experiencing this part of its history via a ghost, voodoo, vampire walking tour, which takes place at night, to satisfy your need to break the mold.

Interactive Activities

Perhaps you are the type of traveler who enjoys taking a role of being a more active participant in your excursions than a passive one. If this is the case, then you should gear your research towards things like local classes. Being able to create an experience in your chosen location that gives you an opportunity to experience the city as if you were a local is a great way to create a memory and potentially learn a skill that still feels like a treat and something outside what you would be doing at home.

Smaller group sizes and more opportunity to engage with the guide are two things that you can expect from boutique style opportunities. If you are not sure where to start you can look up things that the location is known for, and then take that search a step further into the how-to space. For example, eating pasta in Italy is a no-brainer but that is hardly an interactive experience. After identifying that Italy is known for its cuisine, you can seek out places that offer things like a pasta making class to satisfy your desire to experience a recommended activity that is also interactive.

Take a Leap of Faith

For the traveler who is easy going and willing to put their trip into the hands of destiny, there are some extra unique opportunities to flex that muscle while also satisfying your desire for a vacation. Specialized companies are starting to pop up that are focused on surprise vacations. Simply put, what you can expect from a trip like this is that you will enter in a few basic pieces of criteria, and the company selects your destination for you, and it remains a surprise until the day you leave.

This would essentially turn your entire trip into one big excursion since you would not have an opportunity ahead of time to research any activities or make any plans. What you will have an opportunity to do though is visit a place that you might not have otherwise ever picked for yourself, forcing you to jump in with both feet and make the most out of the destination.

If you do not feel ready or equipped to put your entire vacation into someone else’s hands, consider allocating just a portion of it to fate. Many reputable companies now offer the chance to book lodging in the home or guest house of a local resident. This can give you the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture in a way that perhaps staying in a hotel might not allow. This style of stay means that you have first person access to someone who can help you plan activities, make reservations, and translate a language barrier, but on your own terms.

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